People Who Suit for Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is suitable for a man with a smaller face, but not for a man with a large face, for the fisherman’s hat itself is wide.

The bucket hat is a soft polyester 190t hat. Its edges are narrow and small, so can be covered very deep, and it  irrespective of gender. The bucket hat, unlike a baseball cap, had a long protruding edge, but a slightly trapezoid shading edge. The bucket hat, usually made of polyester 190t, is wrapped in steel wire, fitted with a small cloth bag that allows people to fold into small bags, and to against the hot summer.

Grey bucket hat, with beautiful color and very fashionable style , not to worry about matching clothes. With a relatively fixed pattern, the natural arc radiates the breath of retro, both leisure and nostalgia. Collocation black and white striped round collar T-shirt, will be leisure all the time.





A pale gray printed bucket hat with a base color, very fresh. Plant printing pattern, very suitable for spring and summer atmosphere. The colors of the printing are white, dark gray and orange, creating the fashion atmosphere of the rain-forest, and it is very easy to control the light-colored clothing.







Black leather bucket hat, bring a different kind of handsome leisure feeling, make the hat style completely new, create a completely different fashion feeling. With exaggerated design of the white letter design so as to highlight their own personality.