What Hairstyle Fits Bucket Hat ?

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Whether you love it or you hate it, the bucket hat is one of those iconic pieces that just keeps coming back for more. If you’re sitting there filled with dreaded visions of your early 2000 bucket hat phase, wondering why to God we’re professing the bucket hat the go-to of the style savvy elite you wouldn’t be the only one. Here at Idle HQ, when we found out that bucket hats are back we were a little apprehensive to say the least.

Nevertheless, the bucket hat has been doing the rounds for a few years now at festivals and on the UK music scene. Before that British pop made it cool, and before that hip hop made it even cooler. 

The Birth of the Bucket Hat

The bucket hat, otherwise known as the fisherman hat, was originally deigned in Ireland during the early 1900. Made of a raw woolen tweed blend, the first bucket hats were worn by fishermen and farmers, the material being waterproof, to protect them from the elements.

The bucket hat experienced a resurgance in popularity during the 1980 sitting atop the heads of hip hop greats like LL Cool J and Run DMC. Following that, the bucket hat was dragged into the 1990, in the midst of its heyday, where it took the UK’s acid-house raves by storm, whilst Brit-pop bigwigs Oasis and The Stone Roses adopted the iconic head wear.

Today, the bucket hat has been donned by some of hip hops biggest names; Earl Sweatshirt and Rick Ross are both fans and the bucket hat is cropping up increasingly on the fields of British festivals. By hook or by crook, the  firmly staking it’s place as the go-to hat for the 21st century modern man.






Don’t fret, we’re not expecting you to emulate the late 1990 rave brigade look here. Some of you might have been there the first time and believe us when we say, it wasn’t pretty then. Team with jeans, joggers or pin rolled chinos on the bottom  match a simple t-shirt or sweatshirt on top. Try color matching the hat with another piece you’re wearing like the bottoms for example, and use the top half of your outfit to break the color up for a balanced and tasteful look. The ultimate way to modestly style your bucket hat we think.


Believe it or not, you can incorporate the bucket hat into your smarter looks as well as casual day wear. Perhaps not for street.

The classic way to wear this iconic piece of head wear is to opt for a street inspired look. When you’re wearing a bucket hat as part of a street look there really are no rules. Forget all the rules about modest colors and simple pieces. Opt for interesting prints and colors, and why not incorporate an element of sports. If the bucket hat is the statement piece of your outfit, really go for it and make it stand out; you don’t even have to match it with anything you’re wearing. The leash really is off here but, to make it look its best, we’d still suggest matching the color with something else you’re wearing, maybe try this with your joggers.

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How to Assess the Bucket Hat?

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There are few things on this earth that can be described as having equally strong ties to both fly fishing and acid house music, but the bucket hat is one of them. This 360-degree-brimmed throwback piece is perhaps best described as the Marmite of the hat world, existing in a sort of sartorial quantum state, whereby it is always in vogue, and perilously uncool at the same time, depending on who’s wearing it.

This phenomenon is perpetuated by the fact that every year at the same time the fashion journos roll up their sleeves and begin penning articles about how ‘the bucket hat is back’. And while the annual barrage may not tell us anything we don’t already know about the Britpop staple, its consistency does make one thing very clear: the bucket hat never went away. Not really.

But why, you may ask. It doesn’t have the timelessness of a baseball cap, but this polarising accessory’s enduring relationship with menswear is down to its subcultural importance. 

Dark collocation please choose bright color to the bucket hats to break dreary, unlike beret hat, bucket hat has its own characteristics and fashion sense, but in the overall dark case must choose to light up the shape of color, so as to add vitality and brightness.

Round face square face matches with a narrow brim bucket hats, petal-shaped bucket cap can increase girl flavor to a certain extent, but must consider own face shape, change petal-shaped cap brim into narrow brim not only have character, but also show small face.

Make sure you choose the right hairstyle, whether it’s a vertical stripe oversize tie shirt or khaki broad-legged pants, and the type of bucket hats, though it’s the right one, it looks no spirits. Thus, it is a good idea to think about tying your hair at this time.
Today, bucket hats are becoming more and more popular both in its soft and varied materials and in a variety of styles, which are the first choice for everyday collocation and cool dressing. What else to wait for? To become the most fashionable and dazzling that person!

According to Kaia Gerber, there’s another retro-inspired trend that’s about to hit it big, so it’s time for you to took notice. Alongside high-waisted rigid jeans, eclectic printed dresses and scarves, and the newest additions to the nostalgia set, chunky sneakers that look as though they’ve been borrowed from a closet from the ’90s, comes the bucket hat. And they’re actually quite cool.

Kaia Gerber styles hers with jeans, Bella Hadid prefers an athleisure look, and Kendall Jenner is the ultra cool girl, pairing a bucket hat with high-waisted trousers. We truly didn’t know the bucket hat could be so versatile in the fashion world until now, as it previously only conjured up images of that slightly nerdy TV character. Leave it to the fashion icons of the moment to prove to us the power of a cool bucket hat because yes, they exist. From Adidas to Burberry, shop the topper below. Who knows? It might just become your new favorite summer staple.

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You Should Know about Bucket Hat?

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The bucket hats originated in Donigore, Ireland, and was often used in the past to shield against heavy rain and the sun. The downward-sloping brim was designed to be waterproof and used by fishermen as a functional outdoor cap. And no one had thought that the fisherman’s hat would evolve into a fashion item in the course of history. Today, most bucket hats are designed to continue the same characteristics. The blue and white printing bucket hats and the blue lacquer thick soles on the feet echo each other, and the feminine elegance created by the white dress is neutralized by the super-long printed silk scarf and the fisherman’s cap, striking out the smell of the street, and because of the characteristics of the fisherman’s hat in times of war,The cap was then modified by the army to deepen its barrel and make it easy for soldiers to use. Lacquer leather belt fisherman’s cap can be very good to modify the face shape, with the same inside color suit, convergence pattern in the visual complexity, from complexity to simplicity.

Common styles

Crusher round structure, common style of fisherman’s cap.

The Boonie standard cap for the Vietnam War, which is usually fitted with an adjustable rope for easy hanging on the body.

The upper half of Bell Hat is designed with a curve that fits more closely to the head of the HIP-HOP star LL COOL J

Most popular bucket hats materials.

Bucket hats are popular with their flexible body and can be put into their coat pockets at will. The hats worn by the early Israeli Defense Forces and the US military during the Vietnam War were very similar in shape and material to the bucket hats. The development of  bucket cap has been far more than soft polyester 190t this material.

Top8 flax, black knit vest and black pleated pencil skirt are no doubt feminine, with fringed slippers and mini woven handbags and a wide brim flaxen fisherman’s hat on their feet

Top7 cotton, white pleated skirt campus freshened with a black denim coat added a little hard, black cotton texture of the fisherman’s cap and purple lipstick set off the cool teenage girl.

Top6 suede, high-waisted denim broad-legged trousers show excellent long legs and small waistlines, with a brown velvet jacket without reducing vitality, black suede fisherman hat adds a sense of witty, different materials of interlaced modeling full of vintage rhyme.

Toq5 is witty, and the two finishing notes are from orange red leather bucket hat and the same color system.

Top4 PVC quality, a plain white shape by a PVC material of the green bucket hat eliminated dull, enriched the shape of the color at the same time, not only attract people’s eyes but also full of fun.

Top3 denim, black threaded vest with a petal-shaped brim of blue rimmed cattle

Top2 sequins, white oversize shirts and holes in jeans are minimalist with suede red heels to create a feminine look, with a jacket around the waist that raises the waistline, lengthens the legs visually and balances “boyfriend power.” Sequined fisherman’s cap adds a stylish look to the old.

Top1 velvet texture, a yellow jumpsuit with logo slippers appears to be dynamic and random, but velvet texture of the fisherman’s hat for this.


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